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(v) Expenses are ineligible for payment under subparagraph (d). (g) Records, Audits, and Grant Recovery (i) Records. The municipal intervenor and its designee shall maintain all books, documents, payrolls, papers, accounting records, work product, travel expenses, retainers, and other evidence pertaining to costs incurred under the grant agreement.   View Online   Down


Both trends make sound business sense in a vast growth market and would increase extensive hospital use and protection against huge hospitalization expenses, and promoted by urban private hospitals since their clientele will increase.   View Online   Down

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Developing the Hospital’s Community Benefit Report and Plan 34. ... manage the incidence of these conditions may improve the health status and quality of life for individuals and lower hospital admissions and expenses. Measures to prevent or manage diabetes, a known contributor to the other diseases, are of great importance, particularly in ...   View Online   Down


Government of Himachal Pradesh shall mean the Governor of Himachal Pradesh. ... remaining idle in consequence adding to the total thereof 2% to cover indirect expenses of the contractor provided the contractor submits his claim supported by details to the Engineer-in-Charge within 30 days of the expiry of the period of 3 months. ... HPPWD Final.doc   View Online   Down

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. SECTION ... Dental and Hospital expenses, Help with rent, Security Deposits, Pay for food and Utilities, Repairs for POV if Essential transportation, Pay Funeral expenses above and beyond those allowed by the government, Emergency travel expenses, Fire or other disaster. ... or indirect fires. 3. Describe a fighting position ...   View Online   Down

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Please note that a child’s primary caregiver is the person who is most meeting the child’s physical needs. This will usually be the birth mother of a newborn child or the initial primary caregiver of an adopted child, even if your child is in hospital.   View Online   Down

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Dental Source. Dental Health Care Plans. Schedule of Benefits – Plan H ... 3120 PulpCap Indirect 12.00. 3220 Vital Pulpotomy 48.00. ... hospital and medical charges of any kind, surgery of fractures and dislocations, loss or theft of dentures or bridgework, and the treatment of malignancies. ...   View Online   Down

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Hospital studies show that the common cold and related bronchial asthma and respiratory illnesses from infection, can be rapidly cured when patients are treated with fulvic acid. ... the ADA estimated that total direct and indirect costs reached $98 billion in 1997, which is now about 8% of all healthcare costs. ... This relates to $10,071 per ...   View Online   Down


LUMPSUM CONTRACT DOCUMENT . CONTENTS. CHAPTER-I. ... The lump –sum tender shall be inclusive of all expenses for proper and entire completion of the work and shall, amongst other things, include all taxes, tolls, octroi, royalties, patent rights etc. ... the Department or third parties or for in respect of injury or loss of life which is the ... SUM TENDER DOCUMENT.doc   View Online   Down

doc ico  Conflict of Interest Policy & Procedure (Memo #2.1 ...

The following policy includes a conflict of interest policy intended for a California nonprofit public benefit or religious corporation exempt from federal income tax under Code Section 501(c)(3), an annual acknowledgment form, and an annual disclosure of interests that could give rise to a conflict of interest.   View Online   Down


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